Crews Making Gold Star Progress On Silver Star Road

Ranger Construction’s efficient progress on a SR-438 resurfacing project in Orange County, FL, started with the very first stage — moving equipment onto the job site. That’s because crews had just finished the same type of job, on the same roadway, only a few miles to the west.

The North Division is milling and resurfacing 2.5 miles of the east-west route, also known as Silver Star Road, under a $2.3 million agreement with Florida’s DOT. The contract includes curbs, gutters, sidewalks, traffic signals and drainage work — including jack-and-bore installation of a 30″ steel drainage casing to cross deeply beneath the road. The schedule allows 160 days for completion.

Crews recently performed the same scope of work, minus the jack-and-bore details, on a two-mile section just down the road under a separate 80-day, $737,000 contract.

Ranger’s nearby Winter Garden asphalt plant was the convenient supply choice for both projects.

The plant’s also the supplier for two projects in Polk County. At the Winter Haven Airport, Ranger landed a contract to mill and resurface Runway 4-22. Funding for the $1.6 million project comes mostly from a Federal Aviation Administration grant, with the city and state chipping in as well.

The contract includes corrections to the cross slope and allows 120 days for completion, after which the strip will be redesignated Runway 5-23 to more closely match its actual compass points, airport officials said.

Also in Winter Haven, Ranger recently milled and resurfaced part of SR-542 in a contract with the DOT valued at $556,000.