Private Construction Market Continues To Rebound

VanG_2014Q3_online_cover200x259Ranger’s Site Development & Paving Projects, Along With Group’s Latest Mining, Energy & Heavy/Highway Construction News, Featured In VanGuard

As private-sector site development and asphalt paving work continues to rebound, customers are looking at more than just a competitive price, allowing Ranger Construction to draw on its strength as a value-added contractor serving multiple Florida markets.

This and other news from the Vecellio Group, including activities at its mining, energy and heavy/highway construction operations in multiple states, are highlighted in the 3rd Quarter 2014VanGuard, also available online.

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Contents Include:

  • Long-Term Supply: White Rock Prepares New Sections For Mining
  • As A Core Principle, Working Safely Is Part Of The Daily Job Description
    (A Word From Leo Vecellio, Jr.)
  • Sharpe Bros. Celebrates 8 Years Of ‘No Lost Time’
  • Ranger A Finalist For National Safety Award
  • Wall-to-Wall-to-Wall Awards Showcase Ranger’s Performance
  • Ranger Hailed As ‘Best Paving Contractor’
  • Ranger, V&G, Sharpe Put Vecellio Group In Top 20 In Highway Work
  • Private-Sector Site & Paving Work Continues To Rebound
  • Builder Recognizes Ranger’s Outstanding Safety Efforts
  • Vecellio & Grogan Making Good Progress On Highway & Site Projects In Multiple Mid-Atlantic States
  • Well-Equipped: Key Strategy Provides Reliable, Productive Fleet With Latest Technology For Vecellio Companies
  • A Look At Vecenergy’s Port Everglades Operations
  • Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!
  • Kathryn Vecellio Named To WVU Hall of Fame
  • Retirements, Promotions & New Hires
  • In Memoriam: Art Fowler, 84, Former V.P., Was A ‘Rare Find’
  • Hon. Steven T. Ayers, Architect of the Capitol, Presents 2014 Vecellio Distinguished Lecture
  • Contact Information for the Vecellio Companies

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