Cecil Howard Retires After 43 Years

After 43 years of service, Cecil Howard is hanging up his hard hat.

He began his career with Ranger Construction Industries, Inc. as part of the acquisition of Rubin Construction. During his 20-plus years with Rubin, Cecil had progressed from operating an S-7 Euclid on the Palm Springs subdivision project to operating a loader for road-base material at the Golden Lakes shell pit.

He was promoted to Grader Operator in 1977, having demonstrated his range of skills and knowledge of construction. While in this position for Ranger, Cecil contributed to the construction of many roads in the development of the Royal Palm Beach and Wellington areas.

Cecil never stopped learning throughout his career. In fact, just this year he was promoted to Foreman Trainee.

“Cecil Howard was and is the kind of co-worker and colleague each and every one of us would do well to emulate,” said Mike Slade, President of Ranger Construction.

“He spent over 40 years in his chosen field and demonstrated loyalty and dedication to the company, his co-workers and our customers. He took pride in his work and was not just a construction worker but a true craftsman. He will be sorely missed by all of us.”

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