Innovation Saves Time, Improves Results

Members of a Ranger North grading crew pose with the laser-assisted grade-checking device they developed. Front row, L to R: Mike Richards, John Hughes, James Fleet, Misty Bayer, Louis Bryant, Curtis Clark, Charles Fudge, Jane Goodrich, and Michael Bergeron. Back row: Foreman Mike Cutlip, Burhan Akgun and Foreman Walt Pierce.

After much trial and error, several different laser devices, and countless batteries, a grading crew in Ranger’s North Division has developed an accurate, laser-assisted grade-checking device that has proved its usefulness in real-world conditions.

Project Superintendent Ponch Frank said the device has saved both time and money on an I-95 widening project in St. Johns County. The job involved building 27 lane-miles of new roadway.

The grade-checking device is now in use on a similar widening job in Volusia County, which involves 11 lane-miles of new highway construction.


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