Living The Legacy Is A Humbling, Yet Truly Fulfilling Experience

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.   Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman and CEO
Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman
and CEO

Vecellio & Grogan has been a lot of things to a lot of people over the years: a heavy/highway and site development contractor to many public- and private-sector customers; a trusted employer to thousands of employees; and an active participant in numerous industry and business associations.

To me, the company has been all these things and more. Having literally grown up in the family business – some of my earliest memories are sitting around the dining room table listening to my father recount job site details – I knew from an early age what my career would entail. I also knew the high expectations that would come with the job.

I feel very blessed to have experienced the legacy of Vecellio & Grogan in such an up-close and personal way, going back to almost the very beginning, eventually joining the team in the 1970s and becoming part of the success that we, as a team, have been able to achieve.

I also feel very proud, not only of the company’s hard-earned growth during the early decades, but also of our more recent accomplishments, which have diversified the Group and transformed its size and scope. The subsidiary expansions into Florida in the 1970s and 1980s, for example, positioned us for even further growth in the ensuing decades.

We’ve been able to grow our aggregates mining business, expand into new heavy/highway construction markets in Florida and North Carolina, and diversify into petroleum and energy services and products.

Kathryn and I are also very proud that our sons have joined the family business. Christopher and Michael have become invaluable in overseeing various aspects of our operations and will guide the Group into further realms of growth in the decades ahead.

It’s been a remarkable 70 years so far. Here’s to many more years of success!

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
Vecellio Group, Inc.
President, Chairman and CEO

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