Long-Timers Demonstrate Skill And Dedication Needed To Succeed

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.   Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman and CEO
Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
Vecellio Group, Inc. President, Chairman
and CEO

When measuring business success, it’s natural to think in terms of a financial report.

But beyond how a company fares with its customers and suppliers is another important metric: how it fares with its employees.

This can tell you a lot about a company and is another important indicator of success. In fact, recruiting and retaining great people with high levels of skill and dedication is vital for a company to achieve its desired results.

While these types of details may not show up on a balance sheet, we know exactly how important our employees are to our long-term success.

We extend a warm and heartfelt thanks to all our loyal employees who have had such a positive impact on our organization over the years.

As a family-owned group, it’s like being part of a large and diverse extended family, all pulling together toward a common goal. We greatly appreciate each person’s unique contribution.

Congratulations to everyone reaching a career milestone in 2011. We sincerely appreciate all who are on our team. By working together, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective products and services, forming the foundation for our business success.

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