New Markets, New Services: Vecellio Group Pursues Opportunities Amid New Business Landscape

VanG_2015q1q2_online_cover278x360Success as a contractor depends on many factors – safety, quality and production among them. But even more basic is the market itself. Companies must pursue work where and when it is available, and in the current business landscape, markets and sectors look somewhat different from this time last decade.

Swings and shifts in the market are nothing new, of course, and we’ve seen our share over the years. We take a proactive approach, combining the patience of a long-term view with carefully timed expansion, diversification and vertical integration when favorable opportunities arise. This has led to the size and scope of the Group today.

In this issue we look at the ways our construction operations are moving into new markets, services and specializations during the current economy, while our materials and energy divisions continue making significant contributions to our success, as well.

As always, regardless of market conditions, safety remains “Job #1” for us. We’re proud of all those who strive to keep our crews and work sites safe throughout the year!

This article and more are featured in the Vecellio Group’s 1st/2nd Quarter 2015 VanGuard.

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Contents Include:

  • Vecellio Group Pursues Opportunities Amid New Business Landscape
  • Sharpe Expands Into Winston-Salem
  • A Word from Leo Vecellio, Jr.
  • Sharpe Recycling Center Turns Asphalt Into Aggregates
  • Vecellio & Grogan Steps Up Site Work, In-House Services
  • Ranger Adds To Its Design-Build, Mechanical Services Credentials
  • Quality Awards Speak to Value of Ranger’s Focused Approach
  • White Rock’s Flexibility & Low Cost Keep It A Market Leader
  • Vecenergy A Key Part of Vertical Integration, Diversification
  • Safety Awards Honor Supervisors for Doing Great ‘Job #1’
  • Summer Jobsite Alert! Beware Heat Stroke or Exhaustion
  • Southeast Florida Safety Council Honors Low OSHA Rates
  • Personnel News & Notes
  • Engineers Tour Ranger’s West Palm Asphalt Plant
  • Sharpe, Ranger & Vecenergy News Briefs
  • Latest ENR Top 400 Ranking
  • Contact Information

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