One Flag For Florida: Ranger Expands Market Presence

FL_RgrLocationsMap3Effective early 2003, the Vecellio Group’s Florida construction operations are being handled under the Ranger Construction name. This includes operations in Daytona, DeBary, Winter Garden/Orlando, Bartow, Grant, Ft. Pierce, West Palm Beach, Pompano, Miami and Key West.

Not affected is White Rock Quarries, our Miami limestone quarry and aggregate processing facility, which remains a separate division of West Virginia-based Vecellio & Grogan.

Why the reorganization of our Florida construction operations?

Since the late 1970s when we established a market presence in Florida, Ranger Construction has become widely recognized as one of the state’s highest quality road construction and asphalt contracting companies.

Although we have established other operations in Florida during this time, the usual course has been to extend the Ranger name to cover those operations.

With our most recent reorganization, we are once again strengthening Ranger’s position in the industry, while expanding its geographical coverage in the marketplace.

This not only increases the efficiency of our operations, but also leverages the substantial amount of “good will” associated with the name “Ranger Construction.”

The North Division, under Andy Jones, includes all construction operations along the I-4 corridor, including Daytona, DeBary, Winter Garden/ Orlando (which serves as the North Division’s main office), and Bartow. The former PAVEX operations were purchased or leased by Ranger.

The Central Division, under Mike Slade, includes the Grant, Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach operations. West Palm Beach serves as the Central Division’s main office and continues to serve as Ranger’s overall headquarters.

Ranger Construction — South, under Byrd White, includes PAVEX South’s operations (Pompano, Miami and Key West), but the name has changed to Ranger Construction — South. Pompano is the main office.

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