Patented, Continuous Process Creates High-Quality Biodiesel

Complementing its range of petroleum and fuel services, Vecenergy, a unit of corporate parent Vecellio Group, has entered the alternative fuel industry by partnering with BIDA (Biodiesel de Andalucia), a European technology firm which has conducted extensive research with Spain’s University of Cordoba to develop a breakthrough method for producing biodiesel.

The Vecenergy BIDA method is continuous, rather than batch by batch, increasing capacity and reducing start-up and operational costs.

The patented process can also use multiple feedstocks, and produces consistent, high quality biodiesel that meets even Europe’s strict standards.

Multiple Feedstocks, Simultaneously

The proprietary Vecenergy BIDA process can use a wide variety of feedstocks simultaneously, while other methods require the use of one type of feedstock at a time. This means Vecenergy BIDA facilities can use whatever feedstocks are most economically available, whether it be soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil — even nonfood plant oils, recycled restaurant fryer oils and animal fats leftover from food processing plants.

Continuous Output

The continuous production process is another major advantage. Other facilities can produce only one or multiple batches of biodiesel at a time, depending on how many batch tanks they have constructed— a much slower, more expensive and less
quality-consistent process.

Vecenergy BIDA’s continuous production method requires less overhead cost and ensures consistent, high-quality, high-volume biodiesel output. Combined with its multiple feedstock capabilities, the process is a truly an engineering innovation. It can operate continuously without the need to shut down, clean, or prepare equipment for changes in feedstock.

“This method is a breakthrough in biodiesel production efficiency and really sets a new industry standard,” said Todd Cannon, VP of Vecenergy.

A BIDA plant in southern Spain is already using the advanced method, while additional plants owned and operated by Vecenergy BIDA are in the design and construction stage.

“Biodiesel is a renewable, sustainable fuel with many important environmental benefits,” said Leo Vecellio, Jr., CEO of Vecellio Group. “We’re very proud of our partnership in this exciting new venture.”

With increasing interest in biodiesel around the world and a continuous process that makes high-quality biodiesel from whatever feedstocks are available — including nonfood sources — Vecenergy BIDA is well-positioned in the rapidly growing alternative fuels industry.

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