Private Work Showcases South Division’s Capabilities

In the private sector, Ranger South has had plenty of opportunity lately to showcase its wide range of capabilities. From moving and grading acres of earth for site preparation, to applying the finishing touches that improve pedestrian safety, the division has shown its commitment to quality and attentive service.

Since last summer, Ranger South has provided complete site development work for a CVS Pharmacy, an Office Depot, a BP gas station and a Basset Furniture store, among other South Florida private-sector projects.

The work included excavation, grading, underground utilities, roadway and parking lot construction, asphalt paving, and concrete curb and sidewalk construction.

Similar work is underway on a number of additional contracts, including a Park-N-Go in Port Everglades. In Coconut Creek, the division has been contracted to provide full paving services for the Promenade at Coconut Creek, a business office park, and The Seneca apartment complex.

In other private-sector work, Ranger South continues to make good progress preparing the site for a new Vecenergy petroleum complex at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, which will add to the region’s petroleum supply. The division’s contract involves 12 acres of land-clearing, earthwork and soil stabilization, along with roadway and parking lot construction, asphalt paving, and underground utilities installation. The site package also includes concrete curbs and sidewalks, signage and pavement markings, and electrical, lighting and security systems.

Due for completion by the end of the year, Vecenergy’s petroleum storage and distribution center will include 11 tanks with a capacity of 1.35 million barrels.

To keep its wide range of projects on schedule and ensure the best results for its customers in the private and public sectors, the South Division coordinates all major project details between its Miami and Pompano Beach offices.

Management also strives to maintain collaborative relationships with its partners and clients.

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