Ranger Nears Midpoint On $31 Million Turnpike Job in Palm Beach County

Ranger's Turnpike widening project in Palm Beach County, FL.
Ranger’s Turnpike widening project in Palm Beach County, FL.

Ranger Central is making great time on its $31 million widening project on Florida’s Turnpike in Palm Beach County, FL. The seven-mile job involves adding new north and southbound lanes and reconstructing two bridges.

Overall, progress is close to halfway finished on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project, with completion scheduled for March 2007.

Ranger also has a substantial Turnpike project well underway in St. Lucie County, FL. The $18.8 million contract includes guard rail improvements, milling and resurfacing, and laying a final “friction” course of asphalt to enhance driver safety. Though dampened by inclement weather, the project is on track to finish before year’s end.

In other FDOT work, Ranger Central is making median improvements and resurfacing a section of Lake Worth Rd. in Lake Worth, FL. This $7.8 million, 400-day contract began in July and has a completion date of August 2006.

In the private sector, Ranger Central is moving ahead on parking lot resurfacing, and creating roadway access for two commercial office buildings in Wellington, FL.

Ranger North Update

Ranger North was recently awarded the contract to rehabilitate a section of SR-5/US-1 in Oak Hill, FL. The $7.9 million project includes milling and resurfacing the asphalt, building a new southbound bridge at Turnbull Creek and rebuilding the roadway north and south of the bridge.

It also includes upgrading guard rail end sections, improving three traffic monitoring sites and making improvements at one major intersection.

Ranger also will improve a section of SR-500/US-441 in Orange County, FL. The project calls for milling and resurfacing the existing lanes and constructing new five-foot shoulders on the outside lanes.
The $5.4 million contract includes new sidewalk, pedestrian curb ramps, signalization, guard rail, and work on the medians and shoulders.

Another FDOT contract Ranger will perform is for $1.2 million in improvements to SR-401 in Brevard County near Kennedy Space Center.

The project consists of milling and resurfacing, constructing five-foot paved shoulders on the outside lanes, upgrading guard rail items, installing signalization and traffic monitoring devices, and making sod and striping improvements.

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