Ranger Provides Smooth Ride For Private Communities

Ranger Central has played a pivotal role in improving some of Florida’s heaviest traveled roads, highways and expressways. But every year, the division also enhances roadways closer to home by resurfacing local communities and private subdivisions. For the past four years, Ranger Central has won contracts to mill and resurface various streets in the city of Atlantis, totaling nearly six miles of roadway.

Ranger Central also serves such private communities as Bayhill Estates, a golf community in West Palm Beach. In January, the division finished a two-phase project to repave all of the development’s roads, which total seven miles. The division will also complete a two-year job in Lost Tree Village, a 450-acre golf community in North Palm Beach. The project involves resurfacing nearly five miles of road and installing a similar length of valley gutter.

In December, Ranger Central finished a six-month project to mill and resurface 7.5 miles of roadway for the Polo Club of Boca Raton, a private member-owned community. The division has also milled and resurfaced eight miles of roadway for the Breakers West in West Palm Beach.

Because these communities tend to select contractors based on quality, service and references, the projects require painstaking care, attention and coordination with homeowners and homeowners’ associations. The estimator often doubles as the scheduler, project manager and inspector.

“You have to meet with many people, and it’s very important to have a good relationship with the homeowners,” Estimator Beatriz Ramirez noted. “Relationships are essential to our success on these types of projects.”

From the expressway to the driveway, Ranger Central is partnering with public and private communities to improve roadway infrastructure and provide Florida’s residents with a smooth ride no matter where they go.

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