Ranger’s Full-Day ‘Stand Down’ Drives Home Safety Message; Vecenergy Adds Biodiesel At New Mexico Terminal

Vecenergy Adds Biodiesel At New Mexico Terminal; Stand Down Drives Safety Message

(3rd Quarter 2018)

VanGuard 3rd Quarter 2018 -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.After adding biodiesel to the product lineup at its Macon, Ga., terminal, Vecenergy has completed a similar upgrade in New Mexico, adding the renewable fuel to its Albuquerque terminal. Vecenergy is the energy division of the Vecellio Group.

Also featured in our 3rd Quarter 2018 issue of VanGuard is Ranger Construction’s full-day “Safety Stand Down” event, as well as CEO Leo Vecellio Jr.’s column about the importance of safety going hand in hand with production, never as an afterthought to production. These and other news items from around the Group are chronicled in our award-winning VanGuard newsmagazine.

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Contents Include:

  • Vecenergy Retrofits Tank For Biodiesel In Albuquerque
  • A Word From Leo A. Vecellio, Jr:  In Construction, Safety Must Go Hand In Hand With Production
  • ‘Through The Lens’ at White Rock Quarries (Main Site)
  • Full-Day ‘Stand Down’ Drives Ranger’s Safety Message
  • Ranger’s Excavation, Utility Services Build Foundation For Success
  • Vecellio & Grogan Lands $24.1-Million I-79 Project In Lewis County, W.Va.
  • Hal Jones Finishes Containment Cell For Liquid Natural Gas Facility
  • Sharpe Bros.’ Crews Make Good Time After Weather Delays
  • ‘Caught Working Safely’ Rewards Good Habits
  • ‘Diamond Achievement’ Certifications Honor Ranger, Sharpe Plants
  • Promotions, New Hires
  • Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!
  • ARTBA’s Pete Ruane and FTBA’s Bob Burleson Each Retiring After 30 Years At Their Leadership Posts
  • Retirements, In Memoriam
  • Academy of Construction’s Wayne Crew Shares Lessons, Strategies at 2018 Vecellio Lecture
  • Vecellio Group Contact Information

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