Ranger Sets High Standards For Airport Work

Ranger has landed a $3 million contract to totally reconstruct three taxiways at Sanford Airport in Central Florida. The project includes laying more than 22,000 tons of P-401 asphalt. Work started in November and is scheduled to be finished within 150 days. To minimize disruption, the job will be performed in six phases.

The Sanford project is the second active airport job Ranger is prosecuting. The company is also building two new taxiways at Daytona Beach International Airport. (See photo below.) Ranger is known as a leader in the industry for its consistent, high-quality airport construction work.


Above: Work is progressing well on two new taxiways being built at Daytona Beach International Airport. The project includes excavation, grading and paving, with some night work required to tie into the existing runways.

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