Ranger Wins Three ACAF Awards For High-Quality Asphalt Pavement

Ranger Construction was recognized by the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida with three ACAF Pavement Awards in 2013 for road improvement work on I-4 (Special Projects Category) and two SR-5/US-1 jobs (Asphalt Resurfacing – Urban Category).

In Palm Beach County, Ranger was awarded for its work on a 2.2-mile section of SR-5 in Boca Raton. The $2.5-million contract included repaving, widening for bike lanes, installation of signage, and signalization improvements. It also included video detection devices, sidewalk installation, pedestrian upgrades at some locations to meet ADA standards, and landscaping.

SR-5/US-1 in Boca Raton

Ranger also won an award for a smaller resurfacing project on a section of SR-5 in Miami-Dade County.

SR-5/US-1 in Miami-Dade County

In Volusia County, Ranger’s asphalt-over-concrete overlay project on a 0.6-mile curved section of I-4 was completed in only one weekend, yet dramatically improved the roadway’s safety and earned the company a third ACAF Pavement Award.

I-4 “Fairbanks Curve” in Volusia County

“We’re very proud of the high quality of work on all our asphalt resurfacing projects, public or private sector. These three jobs were judged to be exceptional within their DOT districts, earning these coveted paving awards,” said Ranger President Bob Schafer.

“We’re also proud of our crews for their commitment to working safely and for the great results all our customers get, day in and day out,” he added. “We do this through strict quality control and attention to detail at our asphalt plants and out there in the work zone — ‘where the rubber meets the road.’ Our goal is to lay the smoothest asphalt surface possible. These awards show we are achieving our goals on a consistent basis.”

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