Vecellio Group Reviews Latest CAT Equipment


Management from the Vecellio Group and subsidiaries, including Ranger Construction, recently visited Caterpillar’s Illinois demonstration center to review new equipment. Top row, left to right: Bob Schafer, Frank White, Mike Dempsey, Mike Slade, David Carr, Pete Scholer, Mark Veillette, Jeff Fontane, Fred Waugh, Ponch Frank and Michael Vecellio. Bottom row: David Simmons, J.R. Payne, Andy Jones, Raymond Maddy, Kevin Sosinsky, Joe Mattlin, Rick Morris, Hazen Hinds, Kent Podobinski (CAT), Richard Sandel (Kelly Tractor), Michael Neal, Leo Vecellio, Jr., Christopher Vecellio, Bill Medcalf, Steve Brown, Dan Castrodale, Larry McLaughlin, Miguel Correa, Danny Walker, Jim Smith, Steve Adkins, Matt Farley, Ray Adkins and Adam Zimmermann (CAT). (Photo by Mike LaVallier, Caterpillar Inc.)

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