Safety & Environmental Focus

Ranger Takes Proactive Approach To Safe & Environmentally Responsible Work Sites & Facilities

Our first priority at Ranger Construction is keeping everyone safe. That includes Mother Nature.

Led by our dedicated on-staff safey and environmental personnel, we provide ongoing training, enforce strict protocols and monitor our operations and job sites on a daily basis to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and proper work procedures.

We work as a team to safeguard our employees and the motoring public. Our asphalt plants regularly receive industry commendations for their well-kept appearance and clean operation. We carry this same dedication into our private-sector projects as well, ensuring our customers of well-planned, properly performed work.

Contact Ranger Construction and experience the confidence of knowing your project will be handled properly and in full compliance with all safety, quality and environmental specifications.

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Proud to be a member of The Vecellio Group

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